This old blog is resurrecting!!

10 05 2014

After my previous blog space, on the Basque Television Network, has closed down all English blogs, I´ve decided to make a come back and return to my very first blog about the Basque Country. It´s been good to notice that 24000 people have visited it in the past three years without any new action on it, so I guess it must be somehow of interest to a few. Therefore, there I go again! Focused on those aspects less known of the Basque Country and surrounding areas, as well as in food (I´m a big foodie, but of good food only!) and drinks (I can´t say I´m a big drinker because that sounds odd, but I love good quality drinks, like cider and wine, for instance). I´ll also be linking this blog to my web, where some of the proposals shown here will be detailed (I want to make this point clear: I´ve been working as a guide for the past 6 years and that´s why I know so many awesome places in this beautiful Basque Country…the link to my web is just an add on should anyone be interested in coming and visiting us)

Thank you for your comments and follows!!

Gero arte,


Mikel Mugalari





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