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26 01 2010

Blas Pedro Urberuaga, a son of Basque shepherds that emigrated to Idaho (USA), started his web, the most complete and comprehensive on the internet about the Basque Country. It covers all aspects of Basque life and you can find there information on almost any Basque issue.

He´s so popular that the annual prize for the best Basque webs is named “Buber Sariak” or Buber Prizes, an event that is widely popular among those dedicated to the internet world.

If you want to have a deeper knowledge of who we are, what´s going on, our history, landmarks, etc…, is the best web. And then, this one, of course…:):)



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26 01 2010

“the annual prize for the best Basque webs is named “Buber Sariak” or Buber Prizes“ – Rightfully so, Blas has put together an amazing site!

27 01 2010

Right Alex, he´s the pioneer and deverves this honor. BTW, you´ve got a very nice web page, interesting!

27 01 2010

Thank you both for the very kind words. I’m both honored and humbled.

11 02 2010

Hi — Love your blog! I’m trying to subscribe and can’t get the website to confirm my subscription to work

11 02 2010

Hi Dona, thank you so much! I´ll check and see why you can´t subscribe.

11 02 2010

Thank you so much, Dona! I´m checking why you can´t subscribe…

3 12 2010
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